Akeeka D. - Dual - Master's-Prepared RN-Akeeka D. NCLEX, Pharm, Research, A&P.

Akeeka D. - Dual - Master's-Prepared RN-Akeeka D. NCLEX, Pharm, Research, A&P.
$60 / hr
Bethesda, MD
40 miles Travel Radius
In-person + Online
Hello all; I am a active duty United States Navy Nurse currently stationed at Naval Air Station Patuxent River. I have been in the military since the age of 17 over 25 years of service to our great nation and still currently serving on active duty! I truly enjoy helping others succeed and I have dedicated my life to doing just that. Within my 25 years of service I have tutored and helped many of my sailors with college /study preparation as they strive to advance through the ranks. I hav...
Akeeka was an amazing tutor she taught me so much and I am so grateful to her. She helped me finally PASS the NCLEX. :) She is very attentive with each student she has and really helps you identify and overcome your weak areas in order to pass your test. I highly recommend her as a tutor.
- Samantha H. from Sammamish, WA
I sought assistance from Wyzant after I had failed my first NCLEX exam (265 questions) - my confidence was gone and I doubted my ability to pass. I had read reviews on Akeeka and everyone spoke VERY highly of her. After 3 sessions with her, I couldn't agree more with what everyone else says. For me, I needed structure and focus on what to study. I felt very overwhelmed and Akeeka gave me guidance and the structure that I needed. I was lucky that I didn't have to work and could dedicate everyday for 7 straight weeks to study because I needed it. As Akeeka said, it's more than just passing a test, we need all of that information to be a better nurse. Despite the weeks of studying, I was still REALLY nervous going into test day. BUT I took a few days off before the test, rested and come test day, the questions appeared to be very easy. I passed after question 85 and felt like I hardly had any select all that apply. I couldn't have done it without Akeeka. She is very knowledgeable and a dedicated teacher. HIGHLY recommend her.
- Krissy C. from Odenton, MD
Akeeka D. is a professional online teacher who knows her facts, knowledge and how best to impart it to her student. She has great knowledge of what she's doing and I am proud to have her as my online instructor for my NCLEX RN class. She also has great customer service and the interest of her student at heart.
- Joseph O. from Burnsville, MN
Before I met Akeeka, I had failed the NCLEX three times; I was really devastated and couldn?t understand why this kept happening to me. I did Kaplan twice, UWorld twice, NCSBN, Lacharity and had a different tutor who also couldn?t figure out why I wasn?t passing. Then I randomly came across Akeeka?s profile page read the reviews and though about getting in touch with her. I already spent so much on nclex reviews and re-registering that I was hesitant but after my first session with her, she already had me believing I was gonna pass the fourth time! She is very knowledgeable and her system really works. It is a lot of work and I was working full time, but I promise you if you give it your all it works! During that time I did have a lot of moment of ?can I really go through this again? or ?what if I don?t pass this time? and when I would study and start getting frustrated or even discouraged I would go to Akeeka?s page and read all the reviews form others who she has helped with similar stories as mine and it would reassure me! So at times I would say, ?I may not believe in myself right now but I believe that Akeeka?s going to get me through this!? Akeeka showed me that my mindset is everything and even had me practicing positive self-talk, which at first to me sounded so silly but it really is everything!! You have to believe you can do it and you will!! This was the first time I went into the NCLEX thinking ? I AM GOING TO PASS? and guess what, I DID!!! All the other times I always went in with a negative mindset but with hard work, Akeeka and a good mindset anything is possible! If I can do it, you cant do it! I know you have heard this a million times, but its true! Akeeka will help you on the path to become an RN, she will be straightforward with you and help you not only to pass the NCLEX but also become a more knowledgeable RN!
- Anastasya M. from Shavertown, PA
First I must say if I could give Akeeka ten stars instead of five I would. It is very important that you do exactly what she tells you to do, put in the work and believe in yourself. Akeeka helped me to strengthen my knowledge, critical thinking and strategy. She not only provides you with a wealth of knowledge, she will also motivate you, she took the time out to check in to see how I was doing with the assignments she gave for the week, she even had one of her past students speak to me to encourage me to not give up and keep fighting. Akeeka is very thorough and she will give you alot of assignments to complete but please don't be discouraged or feel like it's too much because in the end it's going to be worth it. It's almost like you're going to war, you don't want to go to war with just one weapon, you want to be prepared with multiple weapons, so that no matter what, you can be victorious, and that's what she did, she prepared me thoroughly so that when I sat down in front of that computer there was no way I could have failed. Even when we were having our session and doing questions she showed me numerous tips and strategy first, then allowed me to break down and answer the question exactly like how I would on exam day and then if I got it wrong she would go back and show me why I got it wrong and highlighted any strategy that I missed, anything that she realized I struggled with during a session she would tell me to research it. As for questions she gave instructions to do a whole lot of questions to get me prepared for any amount of question that I would get on exam day, and any test that I didn't score as high as I should, she would encourage me to go and do the test over and make sure I understood the rationals. Before I found Akeeka, I felt lost and hopeless, and she was like a light house guiding me through. The morning of my exam she called me to check on me and gave me words of encouragement and even after my exam she called me to see if I was ok. etc. and that was so thoughtful of her. Anyone reading this, just identify what would prevent you from not passing, figure out how you can eliminate or reduce it and figure out what usually motivates you because you have to believe in yourself, and AKEEKA WON'T LET YOU DOWN, SHE WILL PUSH YOU AND MOTIVATE YOU TO THE END. SHE WILL GUIDE YOU LIKE NO OTHER. Thanks to Akeeka I am officially an RN ??????????, blessings.
- Phelicea F. from Ocala, FL
Akeeka is a great tutor. She?s knowledgeable, organized and patient, she's great. Anyone who needs a tutor for nclex, I would recommend Akeeka, she boosts your confidence by giving you tips on how to answer the correct answers on the exam.
- Ariane C. from Stockton, CA
My first lesson was wowww, I can see myself with the RN license already. Akeeka is a very knowledgeable person, she has the art of teaching. All I can say you won't regret, so let her help you with your Nclex preparation.
- Natacha J. from Miami, FL
Akeeka has been a phenomenal NCLEX tutor! There were times when I couldn't see the end of the road and Akeeka was there to constantly motivate me! She had her eyes at the end of the tunnel and I couldn't dare to look at it! I was scared thinking about the outcomes of not passing the Nclex! But Akeeka, gladly showed me that with hard work and determination I would become a Registered Nurse! She does give lots of work but honestly, it is so worth it!! You may not feel like that at that moment but when you see the word PASS on your screen, it will payoff! If there was any moment, I was beginning to fill with doubt she would instantly encourage me to not focus on those thoughts! She had a very busy schedule but was so intentional about each lesson we had. Regardless of how busy she was, she would check in on you and provide with so many resources! I think having a tutor not only guides but believes in you is what gives you much more confidence. I can proudly say that because on October 15, 2018, I became a Registered Nurse by the grace and help of God and Akeeka! Thank you Akeeka for everything! I am so grateful for our encounter and all your words of encouragement and wisdom! God bless you and all your future endeavors! #CHOOSEAKEEKA #CHOOSEAKEEKA !! "
- Gueshnael M. from Everett, MA
After learning that I had failed the NCLEX for the fifth time, I was really at a loss for words and didn?t know where to start considering I had done EVERY test prep under the sky for NCLEX. A couple of days later, I randomly talked with a classmate who went through a similar situation and had just passed the NCLEX from the help of Akeeka and recommended her. Of course, I was excited to meet Akeeka but also sat here like ?is this lady really going to help me pass?, I spent so much on nclex reviews and re-registering that I contemplated to even go forth with the tutoring. However, after talking with Akeeka on the first encounter, I knew she was what I needed to be successful. Akeeka is ONE OF A KIND. She didn?t judge me on my number of attempts or make me feel inferior because of my situation or when I didn?t get things right during tutoring. Akeeka consistently had an optimistic attitude and motivated me each session. She evaluates you and gives you an individualized plan that is right for you! She will challenge you yet encourage you at the same time. Akeeka breaks down the material in a way that is easy to grasp (you will have a lot of ?ah ha? moments)! She is very knowledgeable and well qualified from all of her experience within nursing. You will feel secure and gain that trust needed from Akeeka?s guidance. Her workload can be overwhelming but it is very doable. You have to stay committed to running this race until the end. I have learned that it starts with YOU and your mindset. You have to be positive and BELIEVE that you can and will pass the NCLEX! Yes, there are going to be times where you are like ?why am I doing all of this work? or ?didn?t I read that yesterday, why am I doing it again? but you have to remember why you started. You only have to take this test ONE TIME! And I guarantee that Akeeka will prepare you to take this test for the LAST time as long as you stay committed to her course. Her method works!! And it is so worth it! As I continued to work with Akeeka, I saw change in how I was critically thinking, approaching questions, thinking more like a nurse and especially the change in me and my confidence. It only got better with time over the sessions that I completed with her. And as mentioned before, I literally did every prep course yet NO course gave me the tools and strategies that Akeeka shared. This is a vital part of her process and she will share them with you too when she sees you are ready! If you are hesitant due to financial concerns, please know that Akeeka genuinely cares about your success. She worked with me numerous of times and each time told me that me passing is her priority! And she will absolutely work with you if brought to her attention. Akeeka is also very flexible with scheduling! It was amazing to experience and see how much she cared about my success even while still maintaining her own personal life and career outside of tutoring. I truly believe that this is Akeeka?s purpose and passion. She is more than an experienced, knowledgeable tutor but someone who will listen and help you gain back the confidence that you may lack and strengthen your abilities to be successful not only for NCLEX but throughout the remainder of your nursing career! I am thrilled to announce that I am officially a REGISTERED NURSE!! And I now know that that ?random? talk with my classmate was all God?s plan and I thank Him for this journey and guiding me to Akeeka! Akeeka, THANK YOU!! Thank you for your compassion, leadership, faith, resilience and believing in me when I didn?t at times. Thank you also for your continuous support and motivation even when I thought about giving up. I am inspired by your dedication and I am truly grateful for you and your passion in wanting to help future nurses succeed. As Maya Angelou once said ?be a rainbow in someone else?s cloud? and Akeeka was just that for me and I know she will be for you too!!
- Amber J. from Maidens, VA
I cannot thank this amazing woman enough! I did not pass my first nclex. I went to 265 questions and utilized the FULL amount of time. My anxiety got the best of me. This past Thursday I passed the NCLEX in only 78 questions. I walked in there with more confidence than I could have expected, my nerves were under control and I felt in control and extremely positive, thanks to Akeeka! We had about 4 sessions together and focused on strategies on how to approach the questions and tame my nerves and anxiety. It made a world of a difference. She boosted my confidence tremendously. If I could rate her higher, I absolutely would. Thank you again Akeeka!
- Nicole M. from Tuckerton, NJ
I really enjoy her. She gives alot of work, but its all worth it. I see a difference in myself when doing questions. Every assignment has me closer to my goal. She doesn't just teach you theory, test taking strategies, but motivates you to be a better nurse. I know I will pass the NCLEX this time.
- Laticia W. from Temple Hills, MD
I received my nursing degree in 2012 in New York. For the last five years with two torn ACLs, two high risk pregnancies, and giving birth to two very adorable girls I had failed every attempt I took to pass the NCLEX exam during that period. Finally, this summer, with the support of my very optimistic husband , I made up my mind to reach out for help. Boy, was I glad when we found Akeeka. She is absolutely my NCLEX savior. She made me realize not only that I was missing test strategies, some knowledge areas, and help to over come my biggest challenge ?test anxiety?. She had a plan for me just from the beginning and I stuck to it. I received so many encouraging points from her every day. I literally lived in the library and finished every single assignment when she asked me to do them. I didn?t see my family for the last month or so. I?m so grateful to my mother for taking care of my little girls. I made the NCLEX my priority. Akeeka helped me with my test anxiety and even showed up on the day of the exam, had breakfast with me and sat with me, pray with me. It showed how dedicated she is to tutoring. She always said that tutoring is not a job, it is a passion for her and I can vouch for that on any day. So, I took the NCLEX again for the VERY LAST time November 14th, 2017. Yes, I am now an RN with a license. I am still in denial and still can?t stop smiling about it. I am so grateful for Akeeka for helping me with the journey. I am truly humbled by this encounter with a person started out as a complete stranger that gave me hope and kept me in the game. I will never forget your line, ?Slow is fast. Fast is slow.? as I move into my nursing career. Thank you. Sajini
- Stephen G. from Staten Island, NY
She is able to find a style of learning that helps me get the most out of the tutoring session. She does require a bit of flexibility with the scheduling due to her job, but always give advanced notice.
- Naomi H. from Clinton, MD
Today was the first day of my session. We had a lot of technical difficulties because of the bad connection because of low bandwidth of my network. I appreciated Kia patiently working with me through this. We went over NCLEX style questions. I mean really understanding the question, getting the information given and picking the best possible answer. I feel much better about my journey knowing I have Kia beside me. I know she will be patient with me, encourage me, and give me the guidance that I need.
- Jemanesh B. from Alexandria, VA
Akeeka taught me different strategies to approach questions , for Nclex, we will be working on this for the next couple of weeks
- Talacquea H. from Hermitage, TN
The reason for my decision to work with Akeeka as my tutor/coach was two previously unsuccessful attempts to pass the NCLEX examination. She is a very knowledgeable nurse and knows a lot about the NCLEX. She pushed me hard and helped me to pass the NCLEX. She worked with me with patience and helped me dig deep and adhere to a rigorous study routine. She engaged me with helpful reminders, strategies and tips of many kinds. She also helped me to engage with the material, the context, and to stay focused on the presented material given within a specific scenario. She also inspired me to reconnect to my passion, drive and motivation behind becoming a Registered Nurse. Yes, I just passed the NCLEX and am now a REGISTERED NURSE!
- Cheyenne K. from Baltimore, MD
Ms. Akeeka was great and patience with the first lession. She really gave a good information about what I would need to know to pass this third attempt for nclex. She also was very motivational on me passing since I graduated from college back in 2012 to pass the state Boards. Can't wait for the next session. Thank you for your time.
- Brittney W. from Hillsborough, NC
Akeeka taught me strategy on answering questions, this is the most detrimental to being successful. Very passionate teaching style, takes the time to make sure you understand why this is happening to patient.
- Aleta W. from Hyattsville, MD
It is my privilege and great pleasure to write this review on behalf of Akeeka. I graduated with a Bachelors in Nursing in the Philippines in 2007. I moved to the US a few years ago, and since then I have been studying hard to pass the NCLEX and become an RN here. A few months ago I took the NCLEX for the second time and failed again. I had studied diligently both times, but I just couldn't seem to pass. I felt like I knew the content pretty well, but really struggled with the strategy. I found Akeeka through Wyzant and noticed her great reviews and gave her a call. I am so thankful that I did. I took the NCLEX for the thrid time last week and finally passed. Thanks to Akeeka, I am now an RN! Akeeka is a phenomenal tutor. She is extremely knowledgeable about the in's and out's of the NCLEX. Akeeka set me up on the perfect plan and review that helped me pass with flying colors. Akeeka has great communication skills to explain the content and strategies in a simple and systematic way, which will make any student comfortable and confident about taking the NCLEX. She knew how to gauge my strength's and weaknesses. Akeeka is a strong motivator and always inspired me to do my best. Akeeka displayed a passion for tutoring and a genuine concern for my advancement. In a nutshell, I was very blessed to have found Akeeka. She is one on the best tutors I ever had in my life, and I strongly believe she will be a great asset to anyone who needs help passing the NCLEX.
- Noemie V. from Silver Spring, MD
Made me feel confident and helped me with my critical thinking skills. Pushed me to think more like a nurse and less like me. Already learned so much in such a really short period of time and the study tools she gave me are pretty swell themselves. If you want to know yourself that your really learning and keeping things in mind then this is the awesome tutor you should totally go with. Cant wait for my next session with her!!
- Alexandra P. from Boynton Beach, FL
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